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Solar tiles on a residential roof

Solar Tiles in Texas

Solar tiles or solar shingles are considered inefficient in the state of Texas with a lower ROI as a normal asphalt shingle roof. The tiles grew in popularity when Tesla

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Photovoltaic cell on a panel in the Solar Edge Pros lobby

Photovoltaic Cell Production

A solar powered home makes a pretty crazy concept when you think about it. Solar panels are basically sheets of metal with some sand crackers stuck to its surface that

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Converse Solar Home

Solar Panel Lifespan

Purchasing solar panels is often compared to purchasing a car. Some choose to pay for them upfront, while others rather finance them; both are expected to generate a ROI; and

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Types of Solar Power Systems

Often times solar energy contractors talk about a solar power system, but what solar equipment makes up a solar power system? There are three way you can utilize your solar

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Solar Panels and HOAs

Have you been considering going solar but are not sure if you can since you’re in an HOA? Home Owners Associations can dictate a lot of what you can or

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