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Why Your Electric Bill is so High

Many Texas electric companies announced in 2021 an increase in cost for electricity. So what does 2022 and beyond have in store? More rate increases. CPS Energy, GVEC, NBU, and PEC have all announced their customers will need to start paying more. The main reasons are the same:
  1. An aging electric grid
  2. Natural gas shortage
Utility providers now expect property owners to not only pay for their $700 steak dinners, but also their aging equipment.

Winter Storms Aren’t Cheap

Governor Abbott signed multiple bills after the winter storm of 2021 that would require infrastructure weatherization, and an emergency alter system, among other programs that will ultimately increase the overall cost of electricity for years to come.

High Dependence on Oil

Although the governor primarily blamed renewable resources for the power outages in February 2021, ERCOT showed natural gas was the least available power source. However, all power sources – including wind and solar – had power failures during that week. The electric system’s heavy reliance on the natural gas makes Texas residents vulnerable to the recent and future shortages. Meanwhile, our customers’ solar panels were still generating electricity. The image below shows solar panels still work even in the snow.  
Solar Panels During Feb 2021
High Electricity rates didn’t bring our clients down. They still had power during the winter storm in Feb 2021

Revisiting Solar

Maybe you looked into going solar already and didn’t see the savings you wanted. It might be worth a second look. Electricity rate increases aren’t slowing down, solar technology is always improving (have you heard about the iq8 microinverters? Check’em out here), and our solar evaluations are always free.

Additional Resources

Book a solar evaluation here. Find out how solar reduces your taxes here. Know some people who want to go solar? That’s Great! Join our Solar Advocates program and get paid!

Your Local Solar Installer in San Antonio

Solar Edge Pros is a trusted leader in the solar energy industry. Since 2005, we have provided solar energy solutions to over 5,000 Texas residents making the switch to cleaner, greener, cheaper, solar power. We believe in the positive effects of working hard, treating people with respect, and doing the right thing. Our values transfer to both the customer experience as well as the culture within the Solar Edge Pros Family. 

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