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Residential solar is the best way to reduce your electric bill. When you go solar, you own a power plant that generates electricity right from your property. solar panels on your home means lower energy bill, happier planet, and a happier you. Explore this page to discover solar incentives for homeowners.

Is Solar A Wise Investment For Your Home?

Cost of electricity is going up. Utility companies are trying to meet electric consumption of a growing population,  big oil companies are needing  and our aging electric grid. Meanwhile, people are demanding cleaner, greener, cheaper energy. It’s near impossible to get a wind turbine installed in your backyard and very few want a nuclear reactor in their backyard. This leaves us with solar power! 

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Save Money... And The Planet

Solar Edge Pros makes going solar simple and hassle-free. All we need is a time, location, and a copy of your electric bill to determine if solar is right for your home. We also offer a fast, 24-hr quote incase you rather save time and just want a rough idea how much solar will cost.

Utility Rebates

New Braunfels Utility (NBU) currently offers homeowners a solar rebate. Click your utility provider to learn more about the rebate and requirements. If you are a customer of NBU, you could potentially save up to $3,000 when you go solar. 

Rebate Incentives for NBU*

(a) System Capacity (number of modules x PTC rating)

(b) Inverter Power Rating (number of inverters x power rating)

the lower number (a) or (b) x $0.45 per watt = Rebate Amount (max is $3,000)

This means…

if you had 15, 400-Watt Jinko solar panels with 15 Enphase microinverters installed on your roof, your rebate would be:

(a) 15 x 371.4 = 5,571 Watts

(b) 15 x 400 = 6,000 Watts

5,571 Watts x $0.45/Watt = $2,506.95

*Only the property owner may submit a rebate application to NBU – we cannot on your behalf.


  • Solar panels must be between 200 and 290 degrees and tilt must be between 15 and 60 degrees
  • Agree to NBU Electric Engineering net metering policies, conditions, requirements, and guidelines
  • Proof of work, receipts of purchase, and all warranty information must be included upon submission of this application in order for the rebate to be considered.
  • Rebate application must be received within one year of the installation.
  • Agree to allow NBU to perform any necessary inspections, both during initial installation and in the future.
  • Be the sole owner of the solar PV generating system
  • The understanding of various terms and conditions

Rebate information is based on New Braunfels Utility Website:

Just How Good Is This Solar Tax Credit?

Damn good. And fortunately, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the incentive tax credit will remain 30% until 2032. The push for homeowners to go solar has never been greater. Please consult a financial advisor to determine if you are eligible for the tax credit.

The Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is calculated by multiplying the applicable tax credit percentage (30% until 2032) by the “tax basis,” which is the amount invested in eligible property. Eligible property includes the following:

  • Solar PV panels, inverters, racking, balance-of-system equipment, and sales and use taxes on the equipment
  • Installation costs and indirect costs
  • Step-up transformers, circuit breakers, and surge arrestors
  • Energy storage devices (if charged by a renewable energy system more than 75% of the time)

There are no Energy Star Certified solar panels. The certification on the tax form is regarding other rebated sustainability improvements.

Information on Tax Credit provided by

No solar panels listed as Energy Star Certified based on:

Why Go With The Pros?

Solar Edge Pros makes it easy to go solar. We’ve done over 5,000 residential solar installations in Texas and have established partnerships with many of the state’s utility companies. This means installs done right, and fast. 

San Antonio Founded

We love our home in San Antonio. Come by anytime and see our showroom floor. You will get to learn how solar panels are installed. We are located at:

11010 Coachlight Dr., Suite 102,   San Antonio, TX, 78216

Zero Sub-Contractors

Alll our work is done in-house. This means everything from the marketing to the installation is done by a Solar Edge Pros employee. Other companies often sell the contract to an installation crew like us. So you could pay them more, but we will likely be the ones installing it.

4.9 Stars on Google

Our 4.9-star rating on Google was no accident. We work hard to keep our clients satisfied with their panels and ensure they are happy long after the installation.

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