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Solar Carport

The Coolest Homeowner On the Block

Everybody dislikes getting into a hot vehicle and having to grab the scorching hot seatbelts. A solar carport is the perfect solution! Solar Edge Pros can build the necessary structure and install the solar panels. Can you get solar panels installed on your carport? Absolutely!  Life is better without scolding hot seatbelts AND an abundance of electricity.  

Solar Carport Requirements

Our structures can be made out of wood or metal with a concrete foundation for the frame. They can be customized in color and size to match your home. Their covering varies depending on the amount of solar panels and materials requested and space available. We recommend the structure have a slight south-facing tilt in order for the solar panels to get the highest production possible. How do we determine the amount of solar panels needed? Check out Andrea’s solar process story

Solar Structure Gallery

We can build any type of structure to hold your solar panels and make them as efficient as possible. We have installed panels on:

  • Solar Carports
  • Solar Canopies
  • Solar Patios
  • Solar Sheds

Check out the gallery to see what we’ve accomplished in the past. There are a lot of benefits to hiring a solar contractor to install solar panels on a customized structure

All structures can be built with a roof under the solar panels or with the solar panels exposed. No roof allows for more heat reduction on the solar panels thereby increasing their efficiency.  

Structural builds often take three to five weeks to complete, and up to ten weeks for the solar panels to start producing power. Please keep in mind there are many factors involved that are out of our control, specifically third-party permits and inspections. All of which ensure you get the safest, best quality solar structure.

Protects Your Vehicle

Covered solar carports not only keep your seats from melting in the Texas heat, they can also protect your vehicle from broken branches, hail, and UV rays. Solar carports are customizable, making it possible to build large enough to shield other equipment as well. Compared to street parking, having your vehicle parked under a structure makes it less visible to those interested in theft or vandalism. Additionally, outdoor structures do not require electricity unlike your garage – there’s no need to attach a light or door opener on one of these!  

Tax Credit Eligible

Right now the federal government is offering a 30% tax credit on any solar installation until the end of the year.  This acts like a 30% coupon on your carport because the structure is being built to support your solar panels.  Find out more information on the tax credit here.

Utility Rebates

Even more good news! Some utility companies are offering rebates up to $3,000 for you to go solar on your residential property. This rebate will also apply on your solar carport. Book an appointment with one of our consultants to receive a free quote on your solar carport. 

Please note: CPS Energy no longer offers rebates for residential properties

What Types Of Solar Panels Are There?

There are thousands of different types of equipment we could install on your property, but most of them are kind of janky. So to save you the hassle, we created a small list of panels that our clients enjoy and requested on their properties. 


We created a guide titled, “Solar Done Right: A Buyer’s Guide” to help you understand the pros and cons of solar panels on your property and how to get the greatest bang for your buck! Enter your email and get the free guide.

Solar Done Right Homeowner's Guide
Solar Done Right: A Buyer's Guide

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