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Where You Can Install Solar Panels

There are many solar installation companies across Texas. With so many to choose from, why go with one that only offers solar panels on your roof? Though it is the most cost-effective option, if you don’t wany panels on your home you don’t have to install them there.

Types of Solar Installation Companies

Some solar companies do only commercial installations or only residential. The ones that do residential work with homeowners while commercial work with business owners. Additionally, there are some solar installation companies that do both commercial and residential. With so many options don’t settle on a solar installation company that doesn’t meet your exact needs. If you want to find a solar installation company that’s right for you here’s a few tips!

Solar Panel Placement Options

If you need somewhere to place your car to protect it from the Texas heat, a solar carport is just what you need. Not only will you be creating energy to power your home. You’ll also have somewhere to park your car in the shade and put it during a hailstorm. Some solar installation companies can build a solar carport from scratch, or they can install the solar panels on an already existing carport.

Having a patio is great when you want to enjoy the outside weather without the sun beating down on you. Now, imagine having a patio that can also create its own electricity. You don’t have to imagine once you find a solar company that has this option. It’s important to ask what kind of services the company can provide, as some companies may not be able to do more than solar rooftops.

  • Solar Shed
solar shed

There are solar companies that cater to their costumers wants and needs. This ground mound was turned into a shed at the request of the customer. Solar sheds mean you can store your belongs while also creating electricity.

People with lots of land and open space on their property often go for solar ground mounts. Ground mounts can also provide some shade to any livestock or animals you have outside. Occasionally, ground mounts can be turned into sheds depending on the capabilities of the solar company you choose.

This is the most common in the solar industry. Installing solar panels on your roof is the most reasonable option in terms of pricing. Placing panels on your roof may not be as cool as the other options but they can actually help cool your home!

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