Solar Panels for San Antonio Churches

Solar Panels for Places of Worship

Places of worship play an important part of San Antonio living. They provide a place for a community to come together for a sense of belonging, education, and spiritual growth. Despite the value they bring us, temples, churches, mosques, and synagogues still have bills to pay. So what’s one way they can cut down on […]

Does the Solar Tax Credit Apply to You?

Above the Curve Tax logo

Anyone looking into going solar has likely factored in the benefits of a 30% tax credit. That’s a large amount taken off the cost. But how do you know if it applies to you or even more importantly, will you ever get to take advantage of the credits? Fortunately, we may have some info that […]

PV Standard Test Conditions

standard test conditions for our solar panels

Standard Test Conditions, or STC; what does that mean in terms of a solar panel? To define STC, we must look at current competitors in the solar industry to better understand what you (the buyer) needs. These STCs are the set of criteria that a solar panel is tested at. Since voltage and current change […]

Solar PPAs: Are They Worth It?

Solar panels installed on roof in San Antonio

Solar power’s an investment, a seed planted into your home that over time, generates rapid ROI and creates many benefits for you and your family. Investing into your home holds a great deal of importance, but what does that investment look like if you didn’t really “own” your solar panels? A Solar Power Purchase Agreement […]

Evaluating Solar Panel Performance: Understanding Temperature Coefficient

Example of solar panels installed on metal roof in Texas

Most people likely think that the hot and sunny San Antonio climate is optimal for generating solar power. While San Antonio is a great place for solar, the number of sunny days is the major reason. In fact, hot temperatures can actually lead to small reductions in solar panel energy production. In this article, we […]

How to Read a Solar Panel Spec Sheet

Example of a residential property with solar panels, battery backups, and generator all installed by Solar Edge Pros

If you have been shopping for solar panels in San Antonio, you’ve likely encountered a solar panel spec sheet. These are important documents to help understand the different aspects of a particular type of solar panel. Let’s take a look at all you need to know to make sense of these data forms. What is […]

Tier 1 Solar Panels: What Does It Mean?

Example of Tier 1 Solar Panels in San Antonio

If you’ve spent time researching which solar panels to buy for your home or business, you have almost surely come across the term “tier 1 solar panels.” This can often be a bit of a confusing term for buyers. In this article, we discuss the difference in the solar panel tiers, what they mean, and […]

Bifacial Solar Panels

REC logo example

Introducing Bifacial Solar Panels One of the most exciting aspects of working in the solar industry is the rapid rate at which technology develops, improving the utility of solar panels and reducing their cost. One of the most interesting newer technologies on the market is bifacial solar panels. Let’s take a look at this type […]

Concerned About Hail Damage to Solar Panels? Read This.

TUV certification for solar panels

If you are considering purchasing solar panels in the New Braunfels area, one thing you may wonder is how tolerant they are to hail. After all, Texas experiences more hail damage than any other state. When thinking about solar panel hail damage, there are several things to consider. Let’s address those in this blog. Why […]

How Half-Cut Cell Panels Can Improve Solar Efficiency in New Braunfels

Solar Edge Pros in Schertz

Like many things, the solar panel industry is undergoing rapid transitions as technology continues to improve. The improvements in solar panel efficiency, cost, and other factors over the past few decades have been impressive. One newer type of technology that is providing a boost to solar efficiency is half-cut cell panels. In this blog, we […]

Open Circuit Voltage for Solar Panels

power cables on a mission solar panel

If you are considering going solar in San Antonio, it’s important to do some research on which type of solar panels is best for your home. A great way of comparing solar panels is by looking at their specification sheets, or spec sheets. However, if you are new to solar energy, you may feel a […]

Solar Efficiency Rating: Does It Matter?

solar efficiency rating

If you are in the market for solar panels, you have probably noticed that many manufacturers like to tout their solar efficiency rating. For someone new to the technology, it is normal to be a bit confused about what exactly this means and whether or not it is important. Thus, let’s take a look at […]

Solar Tiles in Texas

Solar tiles on a residential roof

Solar tiles or solar shingles are considered inefficient in the state of Texas with a lower ROI as a normal asphalt shingle roof. The tiles grew in popularity when Tesla showcased their version in 2016. The sleek, modest design looked similar to traditional roofs while bringing all the benefits of solar energy. In cooler climate […]

The Inflation Reduction Act 2022: A Win For Solar

Solar high, taxes low

Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide information on the federal investment tax credit for those interested. It does not constitute professional tax advice or other financial guidance, nor should it be the only source of information when making tax-related decisions. So, you’re interested in going solar and keep seeing conflicting terms about the tax […]

The Best Solar Company in San Antonio

What does it take to be the best?

What does it take to be the best solar contractor? Cue Rocky Balboa theme song It takes experience. It takes dedication. It takes persistence. It takes the ability to get hit hard and to keep moving forward! … Well, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. We consider ten factors that every […]

Photovoltaic Cell Production

Photovoltaic cell on a panel in the Solar Edge Pros lobby

A solar powered home makes a pretty crazy concept when you think about it. Solar panels are basically sheets of metal with some sand crackers stuck to its surface that dance around when in sunlight. Aaaand that, ladies and gentlemen, is how we San Antonio homeowners should power our homes… clearly that seems crazy, so […]

Solar Panel Lifespan

Converse Solar Home

Purchasing solar panels is often compared to purchasing a car. Some choose to pay for them upfront, while others rather finance them; both are expected to generate a ROI; and you need electricity for a dependable way to power your home, just like you need a vehicle for a dependable way for transportation; However, there […]

Best Solar Panel for the San Antonio Area

Which is monocrystalline and which is polycrystalline?

If you do your research on solar energy, you’re going to notice there’s a lot of types of solar panels. Some are paper thin, some are rectangle boards, some are on roofs, others are on carports, and some are on… well, whatever this thing is: Not to mention the different brands. There’s about 1,700 solar […]

Types of Solar Power Systems

Often times solar energy contractors talk about a solar power system, but what solar equipment makes up a solar power system? There are three way you can utilize your solar power system, which we’ll discuss in our next section. On-Grid Solar System This is what most residential homes have as most solar energy contractors offer […]

How to spot a good solar sales representative!

Most often, information about the qualities of a great salesperson is developed from the side of the employer, not the buyer. For an employer, the best salespeople achieve high volumes of sales, engage in all the promotions, and will sell the full product line. This is great for a company, but not all customers. These […]

Solar Panels and HOAs

Have you been considering going solar but are not sure if you can since you’re in an HOA? Home Owners Associations can dictate a lot of what you can or can not do to your home. When it comes to installing solar panels here’s what HOA’s can and can’t control, and how solar installation companies […]

Where You Can Install Solar Panels

Cibolo home with Solar

There are many solar installation companies across Texas. With so many to choose from, why go with one that only offers solar panels on your roof? Though it is the most cost-effective option, if you don’t wany panels on your home you don’t have to install them there. Types of Solar Installation Companies Some solar […]

Types of Solar Companies

rooftop solar panels

When searching for solar companies it could be a bit overwhelming. There are over hundreds in the state of Texas alone. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you differentiate between the types of solar energy contractors and companies. Equipment Manufactures These are the companies like Tesla, Enphase, and Mission Solar. They make the solar panels, […]

Why Your Business Should Go Solar!

If you own a business in Texas and are dealing with increasing electric bills, then time to consider solar energy. There are many advantages and reasons why commercial solar is great for your business. Here’s a few! Reduce Operating Cost Your business’ electric bill can be drastically reduced or even eliminated. Managing a business is […]

6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Solar Company

Going solar can be a lot more complex than people think. But when you have the right solar company by your side it’s a breeze. How long have they been in business? There are often new solar companies that pop up and then permanently close just as fast. It’s important to ask how long they’ve […]

Why Texas is the Best State for Solar Energy.

Are you considering going solar? If you live in Texas and still haven’t gone solar, what are you waiting for? Texas is one of the best states for solar energy. Here’s a few reasons why going solar in Texas is such a great idea. Texas is one of the top 5 sunniest states Solar panels […]

Eight Myths About Solar Energy

Solar energy is continuing to become more popular as more people see how beneficial it is to go solar. In fact, San Antonio was ranked the No. 1 city in Texas for solar power! With more people interested in going solar more myths about solar energy have emerged. We’re here to debunk those myths and […]

What’s Inside a Solar Panel?

Have you ever wondered what’s inside of a solar panel? If you were to take it apart what would there be? Well to answer those questions we have to look at what solar panels are made out of. The main components of a solar panel are silicon, metal, and glass.   Silicon Silicon is used […]

Five Steps to Lower The ⚡Bill

Texas energy rates are going up so here are a few tips on how to reduce energy consumption. 1. Use a Smart Thermostat Ever notice your electric bill was higher in the summer than it is in the winter? It’s because a big part of your energy consumption goes towards temperature control. By setting up […]

Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Going Solar

More home and business owners are deciding to go solar as electric companies continue to raise the electricity bill. Before committing to a solar company, it’s important to know what mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. 10. Thinking “One Size Fits All” Each property is different. Not every home or business will […]

Three tips to Increase the Lifespan of Solar Panels

Solar Edge Pros Installation

Like most things in life, solar panels don’t last forever. Solar panels usually last between 25 to 30 years. However, they don’t just stop working after 25 years. They continue to work they just won’t be producing as much energy as they use to. There are some helpful tips that you can do to extend […]

Can Solar Panels Cool Your Home?

With hotter temperatures quickly approaching, trying to find a way to cool your home is crucial. Solar panels could be just the thing you need to save money and cool your home.

Hail vs. Solar Panels

Here in south central Texas hail is greatly feared. Mainly because of how costly the damage it leaves behind is. Which makes sense why many people interested in going solar ask whether or not the panels can withstand hail damage. Solar panels are made to withstand the harshest of outdoor elements. They have a tempered […]

Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Thinking about making one of the best decisions of your life? Solar Edge Pros is here to help! With electric companies raising the bill and looking to continue to raise prices in the future, it’s time to consider going solar. Since going solar can seem a little scary, we come up with a list of […]

DIY Panel Maintenance

Learn how to care for your solar panels

There are a lot of reasons to go solar: take advantage of the tax credit, increase the value of your property, and reduce your electric bills. Another great reason is they don’t require much panel maintenance after installation. Outside of an occasional rinse, solar panels are surprisingly durable. It’s not rare to continue producing well […]

IQ-8s, Generators, Batteries Oh My!

Get Backup Power with Solar Edge Pros

A few weeks ago I heard going solar is a way of “harvesting” electricity. Isn’t that neat? It’s like farming, and in many ways going solar is a type of farming. We use solar panels to generate electricity just like a farmer uses their land to “generate” carrots, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Unfortunately, in terms of […]

The Microinverter That Is Disrupting the Solar Industry

Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on reddit Share on tumblr Share on email Share on print The Enphase IQ8 is the newest type of microinverter to rock the solar-powered boat, and it falls into a category all in its own. But first, it’s worth explaining what exactly an inverter is. […]

Best Direction for Solar Panels

A question that always comes up during an evaluation is where will the solar panels go. The first thing we look for  is the roof’s orientation. The more southern-facing your roof is, the more time in a day your solar panels will generate electricity. Why? Because Texas is located in the northern hemisphere , so […]

2022 Is Looking Bright For Solar

Solar Edge Pros

There are some things best left in 2021: COVID shots, those old sweatpants that lost its drawstring years ago, and your electric bill. What makes 2022 the best year to gain electric independence? Here’s a few reasons. Rates Are Up, Up, And In Your Face electric rates in Texas are higher than ever, and will […]

How Does Net-Metering Work?

So you’re interested in getting solar installed on your home or your business, but not sure because the sun is only up about 60% of the time. No need to fret, net-metering is the solution. One-For-One Energy Credit Net-metering (NEM) is how a utility company takes your excess energy generated and provides you an equal […]

How Much Does Residential Solar Cost?

Solar Edge Pros

Cost for Home Residential Solar Installation We get asked all the time – how much does solar cost? Homeowners ask to know how much are they going to save. Everyone in Texas is going solar to save money – so obviously – you want to know how much it costs. At Solar Edge Pros, located […]

How to Save Money on the Utility Bill with Solar Power

Are you wondering how you can save money on your utility bill with solar power? The average American family spends $2,060 per year on their utility bills. Of course, the amount you paid depends on your location, the kind of home you live in, the climate of your area, and how much you use in […]

Solar Panel 101: How Much Does It Cost to Power a House with Solar Panels?

As the demand for solar power rises, the cost for it varies. More companies are popping up offering their solar panel kits at different rates.  It’s hard to figure out how much it will cost you. That’s why we averaged out many of these costs in this guide.  Want to stop researching online: how much […]

How Solar Energy is Changing the World

The advancement in technology has made it possible for scientists to come up with innovative solutions. From expeditions to the moon, discovering possible life and resources on other planets, exploring the vast galaxies, mankind has come a long way. The earth is a planet of immense beauty and resources. Some of these resources include: fossil fuels, […]

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