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Solar Panel 101: How Much Does It Cost to Power a House with Solar Panels?

As the demand for solar power rises, the cost for it varies. More companies are popping up offering their solar panel kits at different rates. 

It’s hard to figure out how much it will cost you. That’s why we averaged out many of these costs in this guide. 

Want to stop researching online: how much does it cost to power a house with solar panels?

Keep reading to find out the answer now!

The Cost of a Solar Panel by Size 

A solar panel, on average, costs $3 to $4 per watt. The cost of your solar panels will depend on how many you need to power your house. 

The smallest system size for most homes is 2kW. This would cost around $5,000 for all the panels. Prices go upwards from there. 

One of the largest systems you can buy is 25kW. This would cost about $50,000 – $60,000 for all its panels. Keep in mind that the larger your system is, the more money you will save in the long run.

Your utility bill and the environment may thank you for switching to solar energy. 

The Cost of a Solar Panel by State

The state you live in is another factor for the cost of a solar panel. The price of solar panels and their installation can vary significantly from state to state. 

People in warm states tend to buy larger systems which account for lower rates per watt. Likewise, people in cooler states tend to buy smaller systems that cost a higher rate per watt. 

If you live in Nevada, Arizona, or Florida you can expect to pay less than $3 per watt on your solar panels. If you live in Iowa, Idaho, or Colorado you will probably pay more than $3 per watt. 

Solar Panel’s Installation Cost 

A lot of the time the cost of the solar panels and their installation costs are bundled into one bill or there is none. Still, you may be wondering how much solar panel installation may cost. 

This price will vary from company to company of course, but on average it can cost around $16,000 to $22,000. This price has significantly decreased over the years as solar panel installation has become more popular. 

Other Costs You May Encounter 

Routine maintenance can be a large cost factor after installation. You can pay, on average, about $150 per cleaning.

This price will vary depending on how many panels you have, the slant of your roof, and the height of your home. It is recommended you clean your solar panel system twice a year. 

Damages will also cost a pretty penny. This is why a warranty on your solar panel system is a great idea. Repairs to a solar panel can cost around $100 per hour for labor plus an extra cost for parts. 

When you buy a solar panel system you are responsible for the costs of maintenance and repairs. A warranty or protection plan may protect you from some of these costs. 

Start Saving by Switching to Solar Energy

Finding out how much a solar panel will cost you is a difficult task. Finding the average cost will help you decide if you can afford to switch to solar energy. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Solar Edge Pros is prepared to answer any questions you may have, and educate you further about the cost of powering a home with solar panels.

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