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Solar Edge Pros specializes in solar panel installation services, solar panel maintenance, and backup power services. We service San Antonio and its surrounding areas. Our installation videos provide a glimpse into what Solar Done Right looks like. Our educational videos on solar power will help clear up any confusions you may have about how you can save money with solar panels. We also offer videos on backup power devices such as batteries and generators to keep you informed on how to never lose power. We add new videos on a regular basis, click the link below to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Solar Installation Examples

Here are examples of some of our most recent residential solar installations in the San Antonio Area.

What Do I Need To Know About Going Solar?

This video series will give you an in-depth look how solar panels can increase your property value and save you money.

Backup Power 101

Learn about how backup power works and how a backup generator or battery is your solution to power outages.

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