We are the local experts in solar services and backup power. With over 5,000 installations under our belt, Solar Edge Pros is your one-stop-shop for all things solar. We provide free quotes and consultation for your home or commercial property. We do this to make it easy on our community to take control of their electricity while helping the environment. Our backup power options are diverse and can help ensure your family never loses power again. 

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Go ahead and give us a call at (210) 401-9030 and we can help direct you. Or check out one of our upcoming events on our events page and someone there can help answer any of your questions. Did you know Solar Edge Pros does all their own installations? It may seem like no surprise, but most solar companies subcontract out the work to a team of handymen. Not with Solar Edge Pros! All of our solar installers have at a minimum an apprenticeship electrician certification. On every job, our own master electrician – with over ten years experience installing solar panels – is on-site, making sure another Texas resident gets Solar Done Right. Ready for a free and fast quote? Click the button below to get started!  

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