At Solar Edge Pros, we are committed to making the process of going solar as convenient, affordable, and as painless as possible from start to finish. To follow through with this commitment, we offer home and commercial solar financing and funding options. Get the benefits of solar energy today by speaking with one of our consultants or call our office at (210) 401-9030.

Immediate Results, Long-Term Savings

Savings start on Day One. When you pay a temporary monthly amount for your solar panels, you can completely eliminate your electric bill. After you’ve completed your solar financing term, you will be generating free electricity. This means big savings overtime. By paying an electric company for electricity, you are only renting a power plant. By financing solar panels, you are owning a solar panel power plant. By owning your electricity you are: 

  • Capable of generating electricity independent of the grid
  • Increasing your property value
  • Being electrically responsible
  • Consuming less fossil fuels
  • Spending less for your electricity 

Learning more about the going solar process can help understand the importance of choosing the right solar installation company. Solar Edge Pros is a San Antonio solar installation company located near North Star Mall, with over 5,000 solar installs under our belt. Our 4.8 average Google rating is a testament to our excellent customer service and dedication to Solar Done Right. Not only do we help get you setup with a solar financing option that is comfortable for you, we also take care of any permitting and electrical upgrades that are needed. Learn more about us here.

$0 Down

Easy Financing

Pays For Itself

Prequalify Today For Solar Financing

We have low payment options available through Hearth, Mosaic, Credit Human, and Goodleap. The process is simple: One simple phone call with a loan approval in minutes or click one of the two options below. A soft credit check does not impact your credit score.

Credit Human

Solar finance options with terms up to 20 years and no prepayment penalties. They accept credit scores 620 and above. Prequalify today by click their logo.


One of the best offers in solar financing, Goodleap offers various financial options. They accept credit scores 600 and above. Click the link to prequalify for their 25-year payment option.

Additional Financial Options

Discounted Solar Installations

San Antonio is our home. We like to give back to those that serve our community. Click the link below to learn more about special discount pricing for first responders, military members, and teachers.

solar discounts link