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Solar Rooftop

Solar Panels on the Roof

We use only superior-quality solar products from trusted and established brands. This is to ensure reliability and the longest possible life span of the solar rooftops under normal exposure to natural elements.

After reviewing how solar can benefit you as a homeowner, your solar consultant will discuss with you various financial options available. Our solar installation expert will have your proposal made up in real-time. The proposal is specific to both your home and your electricity usage.

During our time in the solar industry, we’ve come across many homeowners that had this misfortune of dealing with solar scams. 

Five Things to Check Before Choosing an Installer:

  1. Is the solar installation company CPS approved? Check here
  2. Be wary if you’re given an estimate, but not asked for a power bill.
  3. The federal tax credit is 30% since the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.
  4. Make sure the numbers used make sense.
  5. A subcontracted installation crew creates a lack of accountability. Make sure you sign a contract with the same company that actually installs your solar panels.  
Learn more tips on what it takes to be the best solar installation company in our article. Our blog page is packed with great information for anyone considering going solar and kept updated regularly. 

Benefits of Rooftop Solar

Property owners typically get solar panels on the roof because the panels: are out of sight, in the least shady area, help keep the house cool, and protect against bad weather. Are you interested in learning about which direction is best for solar panels here in Texas? Check out our article.

Residential Solar Installation

Out of Sight, In the Sunlight

Some people consider solar panels unappealing, so having them on the roof facing away from the street can be a great way to have the benefits of solar power without changing the first impression. If it’s electrically more beneficial to have panels face the street-side – no worries! There are solar panel skins that make the panels practical invisible. Ask your consultant about them during your evaluation.  

The Sunny Spot

Roofs typically get the most sunlight on your property. The flat surface makes for a great place for panels to line up in an aesthetically pleasing way. Want to see how different solar panels appear on a rooftop? Click the link below to see a comparison of our most commonly installed panels. 

Attic Cooling

Rooftop solar panels provide an extra barrier between your house and the heating rays of the sun. In a study done by UC San Diego, solar panels can reduce the temperature inside your property by 35% or more. They absorb the sunlight that would otherwise hit the roof. There is also a gap between the panels and the roof that allow for air to flow, keeping your roof cool.

Armor For Your Roof

Hail happens in the San Antonio area every few years. When it does, you can rest at ease knowing your solar panels are, not only going to maintain their purpose, they also protect your roof from hail damage. This armored protection means your roof will last longer than without solar panels. We even tested a Mission Solar panel with a paintball gun from 10ft away to see how it would hold up. The results were impressive!

Solar Maintenance

Solar panels rarely require any maintenance outside of the occasional cleaning, but if they do, know that your panels come with at least a 25-year equipment warranty. Additionally, we monitor your panels as part of our 20-year workmanship warranty. We can detect any issues and service them. What makes us different from other solar companies is we never sub-contract the work – the people who installed your panels will be the same as the ones who service them. For more information on maintaining your panels, check out our article here.

How Much Does Solar Cost?

A full solar panel system installation requires the following equipment:

  • Revenue Meter
  • PV Meter
  • Disconnect switch
  • Combiner box
  • Racks
  • Microinverters
  • Solar panels
  • Conduit

Your utility company compares the PV meter with the Revenue meter to determine if you owe any money for electricity. If your PV meter is higher than the Revenue meter, your utility company will provide a credit for next month! Every solar panel system must be inspected by our NABCEP-licensed engineer, meet the city’s fire code standards, and be inspected by the utility company in order for it be commissioned. When you choose a registered solar panel installation company like Solar Edge Pros, your system will qualify for any utility rebates your energy company offers. Learn more about utility rebates here.

Click the link below to view our pricing estimator:

Get Solar Done Right.

Have a question about solar panel installations or solar energy in general? When it comes to solar services, nobody does it better than Solar Edge Pros. One of our trained professionals can answer any questions and help clear up any misconceptions. If your electric bill has gotten out of control, don’t ignore the problem. Book an appointment below and we could potentially start saving you a lot of money.

However, solar isn’t right for everyone. At Solar Edge Pros, we won’t try to get you to buy something you ultimately don’t want. For more information about our solar services, please give us a call at (210) 401-9030.

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