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Panel Maintenance

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Solar panels are incredibly resilient, but every now and then, they can require servicing. Our installation experts can provide any solar maintenance within San Antonio and its surrounding area. Please call us for more information at (210) 401-9030. Please Note: If the installation was done by a different solar company, contact them first to prevent voiding any warranties that may have came with your installation. 

Services and Pricing*

Every job is different. Each one varies in time length to complete which impacts the cost of maintenance. We want to charge the absolute, lowest price for each service while still afford to maintain business operations. Therefore, we must take every service call on a case-by-case basis. For the most accurate pricing, please call/text us at (210) 401-9030 or email us at info@solaredgepros.com and we will schedule a site visit to assist your system’s needs. 

*Please speak with the original installation company first. Any service we provide on your panels will void whatever warranty you may have with them.

An Experienced Solar Install Crew

Our approach is unique. We are one of the few solar installers in San Antonio that does every project in-house. Our team consists of:

  • Solar installers (each with a minimum of an apprentice electrician certification)
  • A master electrician
  • A NABCEP-certified engineer

When you choose Solar Edge Pros for your solar panel repair or panel service, you will receive the same excellent care as one of our installations. Check out our team’s handy work on our Videos page. Our mission is always Solar Done Right

A well-running system can make the difference of lights on or off. Don’t wait to get your solar panel system issue resolved. The more time spent with broken panels means more money being wasted on overpriced electricity. 

Before contacting us for solar maintenance, please first speak with the company that installed your system. Any work we perform may jeopardize any warranties associated with your installation.  

Enjoy The Sunny Days Again

We know how frustrating it can be to have your solar panels not working. Solar Edge Pros can help turn generating renewable energy back into a stress-free process. Since 2005, homeowners have chosen us to do their solar installation because we are local, family-owned and operated, and do everything in-house. Learn more about us here

Solar panel repair work is rare, but when its required, you are better off not waiting and having an expert troubleshoot the issue as soon as possible.  You can submit photos of your system to us on our Contact Us page for a quick check of any potential hazards.

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