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Solar Patio

Nothing Says Texas Like A Great Patio

A solar patio is ideal for anyone creating the perfect backyard. You can sleep in the shade under its protection and enjoy the power it generates that keeps your home buzzing. Our structures are made out of metal frames that will last as long as the house itself. Height and size are customizable to best fit your needs.  Take advantage of the solar tax credit that can apply to your patio and save money BIG TIME.

Pays For Itself

You can produce the electricity you consume, eliminating your electric bill. The solar tax credit and utility rebates are only for a limited-time. Now is the best time to get the solar patio of your dreams.  When you go solar, you can reduce your electric bill by 100%. Let us handle the hassle of permits, design layouts and hardware installation. Our team of installers are certified electricians that work directly with our own master electrician. Booking a free evaluation could save you thousands of dollars in electricity bills.

Sun-Tested, Mother-Approved

Solar Panel Types

Solar panel technology improves quickly and new manufacturers are entering the industry every year. Here’s our short list of panel manufacturers that have proven to be reliable, provide great output for their cost, and keep our clients happy. 


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