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Can Solar Panels Cool Your Home?

Solar energy has a plethora of benefits. Besides saving lots of money on your increasing electric bill and adding to your property value, there may be another benefit that’s not so obvious. 

Solar panels are often placed on the roofs of commercial and residential buildings. Solar Edge Pros does offer other options if you don’t want solar panels on your roof. But when installed on the roof they could be helping cool your home or business. 

With hotter temperatures quickly approaching, trying to find a way to cool your home is crucial. Especially when we reach triple digit temperatures here in Texas. 

Installing a solar power system can drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bill.  Additionally, the solar panels on the roof can act like roof shades that can help keep your place a few degrees cooler. 

There was a study done by UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, to see if solar panels really can help cool the building they’re installed on. 

Research Study Done

The research team lead by Jan Kleissl determined that the amount saved on cooling the building amounted to getting a 5 percent discount on the solar panels’ price, over the panels’ lifetime.

The research team used thermal imaging and they found that the ceiling was 5° cooler under the solar panels than the exposed roof.  In addition to cooling, they found that at night the solar panels helped hold in heat. Which can then save heating cost in the winter. 

So, yes, solar panels can help cool your home in the summer and even keep it in warm in the winter. In the end, not only will going solar help save you money but it will help you use less electricity. 

Solar Edge Pros has all of your solar needs. We do installations for residential and commercial properties, and don’t outsource to other companies. We’re a local, family-owned business who will be there for you through every step of your solar journey. 

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