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Why Your Business Should Go Solar!

If you own a business in Texas and are dealing with increasing electric bills, then time to consider solar energy. There are many advantages and reasons why commercial solar is great for your business. Here’s a few!

Reduce Operating Cost

Your business’ electric bill can be drastically reduced or even eliminated. Managing a business is expensive and there’s multiple bills that need to get paid to maintain it. Reducing one of your biggest bills like electricity could be greatly beneficial to your business. You can stop the changing utility rates by going solar. If you finance, you can have a reduced energy bill that stays at a constant and never goes up. Getting commercial solar now, means you’ll be saving more money as prices continue to rise.

Reliable Source of Energy

In Texas, the grid isn’t the most reliable source of energy there are many power outages whenever a strong storm rolls through. If your business creates its own solar energy and has batteries, you won’t ever have to worry about losing power again. Your business will be able to power itself!

Commercial Solar is a Good Return on Investment

The federal government offers a 26% investment tax credit on solar projects. This is one of the last years it will be that high! There isn’t a limit so you can invest in as much solar energy as you want and still receive the 26% rebate. With the tax rebate it makes for a good financial decision for public agencies and businesses. Investing in commercial solar generates long-term saving and quick payback. 

Become a Green Business

Once you go solar you get to say your business is helping the environment. You won’t just be saving money by using green energy, you’ll also be able to use the green business title as a PR and marketing tool. Going green is good for your businesses image and can create a positive response from consumers. Research shows that there’s an increase in consumers buying from “Green” businesses.

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Your Local Solar Installer in San Antonio

Solar Edge Pros is a trusted leader in the solar energy industry. Since 2005, we have provided solar energy solutions to over 5,000 Texas residents making the switch to cleaner, greener, cheaper, solar power. We believe in the positive effects of working hard, treating people with respect, and doing the right thing. Our values transfer to both the customer experience as well as the culture within the Solar Edge Pros Family. 

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