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Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Going Solar

More home and business owners are deciding to go solar as electric companies continue to raise the electricity bill. Before committing to a solar company, it’s important to know what mistakes you can make and how to avoid them.

10. Thinking “One Size Fits All”

Each property is different. Not every home or business will have the same size of solar system or have the same energy output. Your neighbors solar power system can be completely different from yours. They may have batteries to store solar energy and fewer solar panels than you.

The number of solar panels and solar accessories depends on the specific person’s needs and wants. A solar power system is also based off you and your family’s energy needs. That’s why it’s important to meet with the solar energy consultant so that they can help you with your specific solar needs for your home or business.

9. Not Understanding Warranties

When you get solar panels installed it usually comes with some warranties, some solar companies offer more than one warranties. All solar panels and solar inverters come with warranty from the manufacturer. These product warranties will cover product replacement and usually last around 25 years. Product warranties are not from the solar company you choose to go solar with. They are from the manufactures of the products the solar companies use.

Some solar companies do offer their own warranties on top of the product warranties. Solar companies that offer workmanship warranties are a sign of a reliable solar company. That’s because it covers any installation issues and helps guarantees a properly working solar power system.

8. Ignoring Rebates and Incentives

Everyone likes a sale or discounts when it comes to shopping! So why not accept it when it comes to solar panels installations. There are tax credits and rebates available in Texas that help lower the coast of your solar project.

The federal government offers a 26% tax credit on your solar project! If your project also includes back up batteries, generators, new roof, tree trimming, or carport, then the tax credit will apply to those services as well.

Utility companies offer rebates to residential and commercial property owners that have decided to go solar. This usually amounts to a couple thousands off an entire solar panel system.

7. Trying to DIY solar energy

Ever since the start of the pandemic doing it yourself or “DIY” has become very popular. When it comes to installing solar panels however this is not a weekend project. During solar panel installation you have to make sure and wire everything correctly. Not doing so can prevent you from producing the full amount of energy to power your home. Even worse, if a licensed electrician doesn’t help with the installation it could lead to an electrical fire. Furthermore, installing it on the roof incorrectly could lead to roof damage and cause leaks. So, when it comes to going solar the only DIY that you should be happening is doing your own research.

6. Buying Cheap Solar Panels

Going solar isn’t super cheap. It’s also not something you want to cut corners when doing. When it comes to choosing the type of solar panels you want don’t just choose the cheapest one. If you choose a cheap solar panel could not produce as much electricity as one that cost a little more. Make sure that the solar company you choose for your installation has an array of solar panels for you to choose from. 

5. Misunderstanding Roof Installs

A huge misconception is that the solar panels have to face a specific direction for them to work. Here in Texas the best placement for solar panels installed on the roof is facing south, but if you don’t have a south facing roof you can also place then on them west or east. Nonetheless, just because your roof doesn’t face the south doesn’t mean you can’t have solar panels installed.

When solar panels are installed in the roof, the installers have to drill through the roof. Make sure you go with a solar company that takes extra precautions during the installation to ensure it doesn’t cause any roof leaks later down the road.

4. Thinking Panels on the Roof is the Only Option

If you want to go solar but aren’t crazy with the idea of solar panels on your roof you have other options. You can now have a solar patio where you can lounge outside in the shade and solar power your home at the same time. There’re also solar carports, where you can have somewhere to cover your vehicle and get solar electricity. If you don’t want either of those options, you can get solar ground mount. Which is basically securely installing solar panels into the ground. There are many options for solar powering your home or business so don’t let not wanting panels on your roof stop you from having green energy.

3. Having Unreasonable Expectations

When it comes to solar energy, you need to have realist expectations. Going solar isn’t super cheap but you still shouldn’t cut corners just to save a few extra bucks. Depending on what type of solar power system you want to invest in, you could still have a small electric bill. It depends on what energy needs you and your family have or plan to have.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can’t control how much sun you get from one day to the next. There are cloudy days that can cause your energy output to be less than normal.

2. Not Doing Proper Research

If you don’t do your research, you can end up with a bad solar system and won’t help you save on your electric bills. Search solar companies near you, because you need someone who is local and can help if ever a problem arises. You don’t want to go solar with a company who is out of state, and you never meet with. Now that you know what to avoid make sure to research for a solar company that avoids some of these mistakes too.

Look for a company who is licensed and at what kind of warranties they offer. Another important thing to look into is the companies’ reviews. Look for how many reviews they have, because some companies may have 5 stars but only have 5 reviews.

1. Putting Off Buying Solar

The worst mistake you can make is waiting to go solar. With prices increasing it is costing you more money putting it off. The sooner you go solar the more money you can save.

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