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Waiting to go Solar is Costing You More Money


Waiting to go Solar is Costing You More Money

As prices continue to rise, the case to go solar has never been stronger!

With inflation rates at its highest percentage since the 1980’s, how does that affect the price for a solar power system?

With inflation, prices around the world are increasing and the price for solar energy isn’t exempt from this.  The cost of solar panels and equipment are rising as the materials needed to make them now cost more, hence why waiting to make the decision to go solar will cost you by the day!

It’s like a chain reaction. When the price of steel, aluminum, and copper go up, it leads to the price of purchasing solar systems going up.

What does increasing solar equipment prices mean for you?

It means right now is the best time for going solar!

Take a step back for a second, for a period of time in our lives we would’ve never imagined that one day we’d be able to have at least ONE “expense that’ll never leave you” taken off our wallets. Solar energy is at an all time high and is only growing, so. Stop. Waiting.

By now you’ve noticed the increase to your electric bill, and large utility companies have said more increases are expected in the future.

Any disposable income you might have, will evaporate as electricity bills increase.

Take control of your investments now before rates fluctuate too high and you miss out. One example of why waiting is not the best option is the CPS Solar Rebate. At the end of 2022, the rebate is going away and there’s no solid updates from CPS on if homeowners with their services are getting any new solar-based incentives for the future.

Buy now, save more later

With prices increasing yearly, even monthly waiting to solar power your home or business can add up.

The continuous rise of electric cost and now of solar equipment, makes the case for solar energy stronger than ever.

The longer you wait to go solar, the more you are paying for energy when you can just make your own.

Going solar now you can escape the rise of:

  • Equipment prices
  • Electricity bills
  • Interest rates if you plan on financing

Financing now can help you lock in low interest rates

Interest rates are at some of the lowest rates we’ve seen. Right now is the best time to buy a solar power system before the interest rates rise. They are expected to rise 3 times this year alone, so now (once you are done reading this) is the perfect time to get solar panels installed at an affordable rate!

Most solar calculators you find online don’t consider inflation. Which means they don’t show you the thousands you would be saving over 10 years, much less over 20 to 50 years.

Here’s a quick tip to avoid interest rates over the maturity of a loan; PAY IT OFF SOONER. Solar Edge Pros has helped over 5,000 homeowners expand their solar options and financial obstacles to BEAT THE INFLATION. 

Adding extra payments throughout your financing journey can help dramatically reduce the payoff amount.

Solar energy is the best solution to overcome electricity inflation. Let us offer our expertise with energy audits, repairs, service, and financing assistance to make solar energy easy for you.

As one of the best reviewed solar energy companies we take pride in being there not just for the initial solar plans but long after the solar panels installation.

We offer green, reasonably priced local electricity to businesses and homes.

While the prices are increasing around you, waiting to go solar is costing you more money.  Let us help you today! To schedule an appointment with one of our solar installation experts click here.

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Solar Edge Pros is a trusted leader in the solar energy industry. Since 2005, we have provided solar energy solutions to over 5,000 Texas residents making the switch to cleaner, greener, cheaper, solar power. We believe in the positive effects of working hard, treating people with respect, and doing the right thing. Our values transfer to both the customer experience as well as the culture within the Solar Edge Pros Family. 

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