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Types of Solar Power Systems

Often times solar energy contractors talk about a solar power system, but what solar equipment makes up a solar power system? There are three way you can utilize your solar power system, which we’ll discuss in our next section.

On-Grid Solar System

This is what most residential homes have as most solar energy contractors offer this. An on-grid solar system works with and connects to your utility grid. This system comes with an option of net metering. With this system you can create your own electricity during the day, then when the sun goes down you can get electricity from the grid. This system reduces your electricity bill but won’t eliminate it. An on-grid system is easy to install and cost less than an off-grid solar system. If you have a reliable grid and your electricity bills are high, then an on-grid solar system is a reasonable option. Though here in Texas our grid isn’t reliable so this may not be your best option. This option eliminates your electricity bill completely.

Off-Grid Solar System

With Texas being such a big state there many rural areas that struggle getting sufficient electricity. Texas is infamous for its many power outages. For these areas, solar energy contractors say an off-grid solar system is greatly beneficial. Being connected to the grid is not necessary to have power. This system does require solar batteries to store the energy generated by the solar panels. The batteries will make sure you have power when the sun goes down. Often times a generator is added to this solar system to ensure you have access to extra electricity during emergencies. Solar energy contractors recommend off-grid solar systems to those that don’t have reliable electricity connection.

Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid system can work with or without the grid. With this solar system you get the best of both worlds which is why it’s used more commercially. This is the best option since it used both the grid and batteries for excess power. When your solar batteries are fully charged, you’ll be automatically sending electricity back to the grid. This will drastically reduce your electric bill and on occasions eliminate it altogether.

Dependent on What Your Solar Energy Contractor Can Offer

Which solar system you go with can often depend on what solar energy contractor you choose. Not all solar energy contractor offers batteries or generators. That’s why it’s important to choose a reputable solar energy contractor, that can offer you everything you want out of solar energy.

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