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Solar Panels and HOAs

Have you been considering going solar but are not sure if you can since you’re in an HOA? Home Owners Associations can dictate a lot of what you can or can not do to your home. When it comes to installing solar panels here’s what HOA’s can and can’t control, and how solar installation companies can help!

Can’t Control

HOA’s cannot stop you from installing a solar panel system. The Texas Senate Bill (Texas House Bill 362) states that, HOAs and Property Owner Associations (POAs) can’t outright deny the installation of a solar energy device as long as the device matches Texas’s definition, as seen in Texas Tax Code Section 171.107. Though they can’t stop you from going solar they can place restrictions on where and how it is installed.

Can Control

HOA’s can have many restrictions on your solar installation project and affect the timeframe as their permission is required before installation. For instance, solar installation companies need to get the approval from an HOA before they start to work. They can put restrictions on the color of the solar products and where it can be installed. Typically, restrictions include stipulations that protect the structure and aesthetics of the property. Sometimes, HOAs require that the solar panels not be visible from the street. That could cause some issues when determining the placement of the solar panels. Though, if you go with a trustworthy solar company, they can make the process a breeze.

How Solar Installation Companies can help

Aptos solar panels in New Braunfels
Solar installation done in the New Braunfels area

When you find a local solar installation company, they often take care of all the regulations and permits that need to get approved by the HOA. A reputable solar company will help you through every obstacle your HOA may put you through. When you find a good solar installation company, they’ll work with your HOA and make sure you get the solar power system that you want while still abiding by their rules.

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