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New Braunfels

Originally only meant to be a way station, New Braunfels is now a very popular tourist attraction. This lively city is home to the world-famous Schlitterbahn Waterpark, Texas’ oldest dancehall Gruene Hall, Texas’ oldest bakery Naeglin’s Bakery, and the 10-day salute to sausage known as Wurstfest. People travel from all over the world to visit many of these places and events in this German town.

If you are a resident or business owner in New Braunfels and want to go solar, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s start off with how New Braunfels Utility offers utility rebates for those that decide to go solar. Here at Solar Edge Pros, we help you every step of the way, even finding out how to help you get paid to go solar!

By going solar can reduce or even eliminate your increasing electric bills. With a solar panel system, you can make your own electricity and stop renting from utility companies.

Saving on your energy bill isn’t the only way going solar pays for itself.  Installing a solar power system can get you a 30% tax break!

Not to mention the fact that having your own solar power system means you’ll never have to worry about losing power again. With solar batteries you will have constant electricity at night and during winter storms. Both Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Battery are available through Solar Edge Pros.

We Install Solar Panels In New Braunfels, TX

We offer financing meaning you can actually own your power and the equipment paying less than what it costs to rent it from your utility company.

Solar Edge Pros is a one stop shop for your solar installation needs. We’re a family owned business that helps you figure out what solar panels are best for your home or business. We do the solar panels installation ourselves and offer a 25 year warranty. What makes our company one of the best solar energy companies is that we stick around long after the solar power installation.

We also offer strong incentives for military, first responders and public servants. Interested in learning more? Call or schedule an appointment today.

New Braunfels Solar FAQs

New Braunfels sees on average 226 sunny days per a year and their primary utility company, NBU, offers utility rebates for a solar installation. This makes New Braunfels a great place to go solar.

Unfortunately, solar tiles do not work well in the Texas heat. While traditional solar panels have a gap between the roof and the panel for cooling airflow, the solar tiles do not have any way to lose heat.

If your main aversion to solar panels is for aesthetic reasons, consider this: a lot of people have solar panels you can’t see from the street. When you meet with a reputable solar company, you will know exactly how the solar panels will look on your roof. You will know if the panels are visible before installation.

On average, solar panels increase the value of your home by 4%. They do not increase property taxes. Texas offers a state-wide property tax exemption for solar panel system owners. This means you will not have to pay additional taxes for the increased value of your home.

A Solar Edge Pros customer can expect to pay an average of $26,000 for an eight-kilowatt residential solar panel system. This is after the federal solar tax credit and NBU utility rebates.

The price includes the cost of solar panels, mounting equipment, inverters, conduit, labor, and project management costs such as permits, inspections, and HOA Approvals. Read more about the cost breakdown in our article on how much does solar cost? 

Theoretically, yes. One could get battery backups and solar panels to be entirely independent of the Texas electric grid.

However, your property will most likely still require an electric meter that connects to the electric grid, depending on jurisdiction. 

The tax credit can be carried over in the case that you do not have sufficient tax liability to claim in one year. Credits can carry over as long as the tax credit is in effect.

The federal investment tax credit (ITC) will save you 30% on the total cost of your solar project if installed in 2022. This includes solar carports, solar patios, and ground mounts.


We created a guide titled, “Solar Done Right: A Buyer’s Guide” to help you understand the pros and cons of solar panels on your property and how to get the greatest bang for your buck! Enter your email and get the free guide.

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Solar Done Right: A Buyer's Guide

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