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Three tips to Increase the Lifespan of Solar Panels

Like most things in life, solar panels don’t last forever. Solar panels usually last between 25 to 30 years. However, they don’t just stop working after 25 years. They continue to work they just won’t be producing as much energy as they use to.

There are some helpful tips that you can do to extend the production life of your solar panel system. These three tips can help the panels continue to produce a useful amount of energy long after the 25-30 years.

Three Helpful Tips for Solar Panels

  1. Make sure your solar panels are monitored and regularly maintained. Monitoring your panels and the rest of your solar power system is necessary to make sure they are running at maximum efficiency. If your panels are underperforming, it’s important to know sooner rather than later. Some solar companies continuously monitor the panels and can provide you with an app to see how much solar power you are generating in real-time. 
  2. Keep your solar panels clear of debris and other damaging materials. Avoid installing solar panels under trees to prevent any damage to them. Not only can the shade from trees reduce output but the branches could fall on the panels during a storm. If they accumulate dirt, pollen or leaves it can affect the panels’ efficiency. When it rains most of what accumulates gets washed off. Though sometimes you may consider a professional cleaning if you ever notice your panels aren’t working at their full capacity.
  3. Team up with a trustworthy solar company. Do your research when looking to go solar! The best way to expand the longevity of your solar power system is to find a local trustworthy solar company. Finding a solar company who will monitor your energy output and help with panel maintenance is vital. A company who just installs a solar system and you never hear from again is not trustworthy.

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