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Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Thinking about making one of the best decisions of your life? Solar Edge Pros is here to help! With electric companies raising the bill and looking to continue to raise prices in the future, it’s time to consider going solar. Since going solar can seem a little scary, we come up with a list of pros and cons for solar energy so you can decide for yourself!

Pros of Solar Energy

Considering getting a solar power system in your home or business? Here are the many benefits having solar energy can offer.

  • It’s one of the best and most permeant ways to save on your increasing electric bill.
  • It’s accessible in remote areas!
  • Installing a solar panel system increase the value of your property.
  • Solar can pay for itself through rebates and tax credits.
  • Solar panels have a long lifespan.
  • Little maintenance is required of a solar system.
  • With solar batteries and micro-inverters, you can get electricity when the sun is down.
  • Your solar panels can be monitored on a daily basis.
  • Using green energy reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Solar is a clean and renewable energy source.

Cons of Solar Energy

Where there are advantages there are also disadvantages. Although solar energy offers great benefits, there are also some draw backs to be aware of too.

  • High upfront cost.

There are many solar companies that charge way too much upfront and then have addition fees during the time of installation. Solar Edge Pros, however, is not one of those companies. This family-owned business that treats its customers like family.

We offer financing, which means you can own your own energy cheaper than it cost to rent it from electric companies. There aren’t many cheaper alternatives to saving on your electric bills than solar panels. With electricity bills increasing, you could save thousands down the road by going solar now. 

  • There can be limitations with your roof.

Here at Solar Edge Pros, we offer a free solar consultation and show you the best options for where to place the panels. You can find more about what the best directions for solar panels are by clicking here.

There are also solar carports that are available through Solar edge Pros. So, if your home isn’t the best option for the solar panels, we can install them elsewhere and ensure you get your solar energy.

  • If you move, your solar power system can’t move with you.

If you are moving, chances are you’re selling the home or business. Though the panels can’t move with you, you can actually turn a profit as solar panels increase your property value.

You can also transfer your solar loan. Other solar companies won’t transfer but here at Solar Edge Pros we will. It’s super simple, just let us know within 30 days of claiming ownership of the property. All you need is a credit score above 600 and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll make sure the solar loan transfers effortlessly. 

  • Installations of solar panels can lead to roof leaks.

Solar Edge Pros has done over 5,000 residential and commercial installations. From those over five thousand, ZERO of our customers have reported any roof leaks. When you chose our company for your solar needs you are getting quality service.

More Pros than Cons

After reading about all the pros and cons, it’s easy to see that the positives greatly outweigh the negative. With a company like Solar Edge Pros, we take away some of those cons that solar other companies may not be able to.  We offer a 20-year workmanship warranty, so if your solar power system needs something, we’re there. At no extra cost. This family-owned business doesn’t outsource to other companies for installations. We are there for you from start to finish on your solar journey.

Let us help you with your solar needs, to schedule an appointment with one of our solar installation experts click here.

Your Local Solar Installer in San Antonio

Solar Edge Pros is a trusted leader in the solar energy industry. Since 2005, we have provided solar energy solutions to over 5,000 Texas residents making the switch to cleaner, greener, cheaper, solar power. We believe in the positive effects of working hard, treating people with respect, and doing the right thing. Our values transfer to both the customer experience as well as the culture within the Solar Edge Pros Family. 

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