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The Microinverter That Is Disrupting the Solar Industry

The Enphase IQ8 is the newest type of microinverter to rock the solar-powered boat, and it falls into a category all in its own. But first, it’s worth explaining what exactly an inverter is. Enphase iq-8

What Are Inverters?

An inverter converts the Direct Current electricity generated from solar panels to Alternating Current commonly used to power one’s home. Without an inverter, you could not connect to the grid at all, which is vital for obtaining most utility companies’ net metering program (more on Net Metering here). Without an inverter, the electricity produced would need to be consumed immediately or go directly to a battery. Most residential and commercial solar panel systems today require a connection to an electric grid. The connection makes it possible to use energy produced while the sun is out during hours of darkness. Therefore, if the grid goes down for maintenance or unexpected reasons, the solar panel system’s energy is inaccessible. Unless you have a battery, in which case it doesn’t matter if the grid is accessible or not.

Sun’s Out, Power On

Without a battery, systems with IQ8 Enphase microinverters are changing the game. They make it possible to access the electricity from the solar panels even when the electrical grid goes down. That’s right. All the benefits of being connected with the grid, mixed with some of the benefits of being off-grid. Can you imagine having power even when the grid is down? Enphase’s newest microinverter definitely would have come in handy during Texas’ last snowpocalypse last year. Your home would have power during the winter storm or any other power outage during the day. Your neighbors would knock on your door and ask to charge their cellphone! The newest Enphase microinverter doesn’t completely replace the need for batteries or backup generator. They can only generate power with sunlight and you may need to unplug some unnecessary devices to effectively distribute power to more important appliances.

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Get IQ8’s with your solar panels when you go with Solar Edge Pros. Book an appointment to learn more and see if  your property qualifies for solar. Figure out the details behind the cost of residential solar here.  

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