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Hail vs. Solar Panels

Here in south central Texas hail is greatly feared. Mainly because of how costly the damage it leaves behind is. Which makes sense why many people interested in going solar ask whether or not the panels can withstand hail damage.

Solar panels are made to withstand the harshest of outdoor elements. They have a tempered glass layer kind of like our phones do. Think of the tempered glass on solar panels though being ten times as thick as the glass on your phone, and much stronger than our phone screens could ever be.

However, if the panels ever do break, it will shatter into small pieces and stay intact. There won’t be all these pieces of glass on your roof or around the panels if it ever shatter.

In this day and age, solar panels are extremely resilient

Manufacturers for solar panels have long understood that the panels need to endure severe weather conditions like wind and hail. The average golf ball sized hail won’t break the panels.

We have seen abnormally large hail in and around the San Antonio area before. With reports of hail a little over four inches in both 2016 and 2021. Hail that large, could possibly crack a solar panel, but home insurance will cover it.

Your home insurance often covers solar panels as a home improvement. All you have to do is talk to your agent. The panels would be covered and replaced just like a hail damaged roof would be.

Again, that would be an extreme case as hail in the area is usually about pea to golf ball size. Which your future panels will be able to withstand.

In 2016, when it was an “extreme” case, Solar Edge Pros had over 2,000 solar systems installed. After that storm only eight panels needed to be replaced. Those small number of panels were likely hit with hail over three inches in diameter. As a result of that storm, we were able to see how much solar panels can endure. 

If you want to check it our yourself, Here’s a video of solar ground panels holding up against dime to ping pong ball size hail during a storm.

Solar Edge Pros offers a wide variety of solar panels for you to choose from. You can check out the different type of panels we offer here. We are a one stop shop for your solar installation needs. Let us help you save money by going solar.

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