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Solar is Here to Stay

The Future is…

Different. It’s comfortable to think that tomorrow will be similar to the past, but the times are changing – people are wearing face masks, cryptocurrencies are now a thing, and solar panels are on the rise. Nowadays, individuals are deciding to go solar because of the benefits on the environment and their finances. Not only does solar allow access to clean energy, but the cost to install solar has also dropped significantly. (Click image to see more of our installations) 

There has been massive growth in the solar industry in recent years. Solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 42% just in the last decade! Solar capacity has increased to more than 97 gigawatts (GW) which is enough to power approximately 18 million homes. In addition to a capacity increase, solar has ranked first in new electric capacity additions. In 2020, solar added to the grid 43% of all new electric capacity.

Solar has a lot more room to grow in the coming years. It is projected that by 2030, one in seven homes in the United States will have a rooftop solar PV system. Furthermore, the solar PV forecast claims that 324 GW will be installed in the next 10 years which is 3 times the amount installed in 2020. California has already mandated all new homes to have solar panels installed.

Rest Assured, Solar is Here to Stay.

Did you know that Portugal shut down their last remaining coal fired power plant and is fostering a renewable energy revolution? They could be completely renewable by 2040 if not sooner. It can be done. Even Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is putting solar panels on ALL public buildings and over One Million homes. Their city’s baseball stadium is covered with solar panels as well, so understand that the growth of solar is keeping its consistency. 

What About Solar Panel Degradation?

If the future of solar has been orbiting your point of interest, you may have already done some research on Panel Life Expectancy and other performance specs. On average, solar panels have an annual degradation rate of 0.05% a year. Although this may seem concerning, the manufacturing companies issue a 25 to 30 year Linear Performance Warranty.

In short, servicing your investment to its maturity grants some extra peace of mind when making the decision to go solar. 

The Future of San Antonio.

With San Antonio having over an average of 250 sunny days a year, the future is, well, looking “bright”. Solar panels are becoming more and more common around the Lone Star State and the team at Solar Edge Pros is rapidly growing due to solar energy discovery.

Want to Learn more about Solar Energy?

Solar Edge Pros is proud to have contributed over 5,000 solar panel installations over the past decade. Help us continue the growth in renewable energy by booking an appointment today at https://calendly.com/solar-info/25-minute-solar-proposal

Despite the growth in solar, many homeowners are still apprehensive about having solar panels installed. To help simplify the process, our solar consultant, Brian, explains the process in this brief video. 

Still too soon? We understand. You can still reap the benefits by referring a friend to us. Once they go solar, Solar Edge Pros will write you a check for $500.  


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Your Local Solar Installer in San Antonio

Solar Edge Pros is located near North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2014, we have done over 5,000 solar installations. All our jobs are done in-house with no sub-contractors. Schedule a free solar evaluation for your property by clicking the link below.

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