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What started off as a small town abundant with nature is now a diverse city. Converse was named after the chief engineer of the Southern Pacific Railroad, who played a big part in creating the railroad and mapping a route from Houston to San Antonio. With Converse being just a 10 minute drive from Randolph Air Force Base it was given the nickname “Airport City”.  

If you live by the city’s motto of “expanding horizons”, then creating your own electricity through solar panels is a great way to live by that motto.  


Your Local Solar Installer

Solar Edge Pros is here to help you stay true to that motto, we are a one stop shop for your solar installation needs.

Let us offer our expertise with energy audits, repairs, service, and financing assistance to make solar energy easy for you.

As one of the best reviewed solar energy companies we take pride in being there not just for the initial solar plans but long after the solar panels installation. If you don’t believe us you can read all the 5 star reviews yourself! 

If you worry about space restrictions you can meet with one of our solar consultants who can help you find the best location for your solar panels. 

We also offer strong incentives for military, first responders and public servants. Interested in learning more? Call or schedule an appointment today. 

We Love Converse

Going solar can reduce or even eliminate your increasing electric bills. With a solar panel system you can make your own electricity and stop renting from utility companies.

If you worry about power going out in your area, switching to solar can take your worries away.

We make sure you continue to get solar power even when the sun goes down! 

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