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This city once known for farming is now booming with new housing development. If you are a homeowner in the Metrocom and thinking of adding solar panels to your new home, we’re here to help.

You can increase your property value by going solar! A home with solar installations is becoming increasingly attractive to appraisers because buying clean energy homes is more efficient. Investors find homes much more interesting when they come with their own energy. This trend will only continue upwards meaning that in the coming years a solar panel system could make all the difference between a home that sells and a home that doesn’t.  

The case for going solar has never been stronger than now! With electric bills and prices in general increasing, waiting to go solar is only costing you money!  

Your Local Solar Installer

Solar Edge Pros is an A-to-Z company, making it easy to provide outstanding customer service, complete transparency, and the lowest price for Solar Done Right.  Choosing a solar company that outsources the installation is risky for the homeowner, because the installation crew is incentivized to do the job as cheaply as possible. Why? because their reputation is not on the line. Instead, choose a company that not only handles the sales side, but also the installation.

Benefits of Solar in Cibolo, Texas

We offer financing, meaning you can actually own your power and the equipment paying less than what it costs to rent it from your utility company.

The federal government even offers a 26% tax credit until the end of 2022.  If your solar project consists of just the solar equipment, you’ll get 26% of the cost back on your federal income tax. If your project also includes back up batteries, generators, new roof, tree trimming, or carport, then the tax credit will apply to those services as well.

Going solar comes with a plethora of potential benefits, which are only becoming more and more beneficial as we head into the future.

Solar edge Pros offers green, reasonably priced local and affordable electricity to businesses and homes in Cibolo. To schedule an appointment with one of our solar installation experts call (210) 401-9030.


We created a guide titled, “Solar Done Right: A Buyer’s Guide” to help you understand the pros and cons of solar panels on your property and how to get the greatest bang for your buck! Enter your email and get the free guide.

Solar Done Right Homeowner's Guide
Solar Done Right: A Buyer's Guide

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