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Uvalde is home to the crossroads for Canada to Mexico and Florida to California, specifically highways 83 and 90, and has long been known as a resting point along a journey onward. The town has grown and continues to grow thanks to its agriculture and bee population. As the town grows, it’s important to know how to invest in your property. Uvalde’s geographical location make for plenty of sunshine and readily available to produce electricity with solar panels.  

Homeowners in Uvalde primarily use Medina Electric Cooperative, which offers net metering services for solar panel owners. Additionally, the federal government also provides a 26% tax credit for any solar installation that can include the cost of the structure. This means the tax credit can also be applied to a carport, patio, or ground mount when built to mount solar panels.  

By going solar, you can reduce or drastically reduce your electric bill. When you own solar panels, you own a source of electricity. The electric grid in Texas is old and outdated, being less dependent means less susceptible to sporadic outages or rolling blackouts.

Solar Installations in Uvalde

Solar Edge Pros offers solar batteries to help save you the frustrations of losing power. We are a one-stop-shop for your solar needs and offer special solar discounts for military and first responders. Our excellent customer service makes us one of the best solar energy companies in the state. We also offer a 25-year equipment warranty and 20-year workmanship warranty with every installation, so you can be sure we will stick around long after the installation.

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