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Timberwood Park

Located just North of San Antonio, TX, Timberwood Park is a great place to reside. With Downtown San Antonio access and quiet country roads, Timberwood Park homeowners are loving the area. There’s also a non- annexation agreement in place with no city PROPERTY TAXES until 2032! Pair that alongside the 30% Federal Tax Credit for going solar and you’re living the dream – just like our client.

Max Offset + No Utility Bill = Happy Client!

This happy Timberwood Park resident not only saved big on this 12.24kW solar system (thanks to the tax credit), she also gets credits from her utility provider on months she over produces. Thanks to Net Metering, this solar installation goes a step further and literally pays for itself during most months since there’s NO utility bill. Although over 100% energy offset is the goal, we understand it’s not always achievable.

Solar panels on a residential property

How Do the Consultations Work?

When we consulted with this Timberwood Park homeowner, we looked at shading on the roof via drone, the highest points of irradiance using our solar design app, roof space and their most recent energy bill. With only four small steps, the push towards big savings was an easy outcome for this homeowner. After agreeing to her new solar project, we handled the rest. 

After a solar agreement’s placed, our team submits the design layout to the city for approval, acknowledges and adjusts any revisions if needed, speaks to the homeowner’s HOA (if applicable) and handles any permits needed to proceed with installation. 

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