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Terrell Hills

This suburban community was named after a mayor of San Antonio named Fedrick Terrell. Terrell Hills contains some of the best properties in the San Antonio area. In fact, its listed as one of the most expensive U.S. suburbs by Forbes.com.

If you live in Terrell Hills and are looking to add more value to your home, and have green energy, Solar edge Pros is here to help.

Do you know you can add to your property value by going solar? Homes with solar installations are becoming increasingly attractive to appraisers because buying clean energy homes are more efficient. Investors find homes much more interesting when they come with their own energy. This trend will only continue upwards meaning that in the coming years a solar panel system could make all the difference between a home that sells and a home that doesn’t.  

Are you tired of paying an increasing electric bill? Going solar is the solution.

With a solar panel installation, you can set your monthly electricity costs, so they’re more predictable. If your business needs a constant cash flow or you live on a fixed income, this advantage can be especially beneficial. The predictability of a fixed electric bill can also improve your expense forecasting, eliminating the need to factor in rising energy prices.

Having your own solar energy means you will no longer be dependent on your local utility company. So, worrying about your power going out is a thing of the past with solar batteries like Tesla Powerwall or Enphase Battery.

Let us offer our expertise with energy audits, repairs, service, and financing assistance to make solar energy easy for you.

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Solar Is A Wise Investment For Terrell Hills

Did you know getting solar panels installed can get you a tax credit? The federal government offers a 26% tax credit on your solar project! If your project also includes back up batteries, generators, new roof, tree trimming, or carport, then the tax credit will apply to those services as well.

That’s not the only way Solar Edge Pros can help you get paid to go solar. Utility companies offer rebates to residential and commercial property owners that have decided to go solar. Which means you could get a couple thousands off an entire solar panel system.

When you hire a solar panel installation company such as Solar Edge Pros, you’re supporting a local business based in San Antonio, Texas, that uses its own locally-based crew for every job. 


We created a guide titled, “Solar Done Right: A Buyer’s Guide” to help you understand the pros and cons of solar panels on your property and how to get the greatest bang for your buck! Enter your email and get the free guide.

Solar Done Right Homeowner's Guide
Solar Done Right: A Buyer's Guide

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