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Named after the Schertz family who traveled here from France, Schertz has not lost touch with its heritage. This family friendly city continues to embrace its heritage through festivals and events that combine the past with the future.

If you are however looking to take a step into the future without taking away from the heritage of Schertz, Solar Edge Pros is here to help!

Not only is solar energy good for the environment but it’s one of the best ways to save money on your increasing utility bill.

Going solar can reduce or even eliminate your increasing electric bills.

Some utility companies even offer rebates to residential and commercial property owners that have decided to go solar.

So not only will you be saving money by going solar, but you can get paid to save money.

We haven’t even mentioned the tax credit that you can get by installing solar panels. The federal government offers a 26% tax credit on your solar power system. Meaning you’ll get 26% of the cost back on your federal income tax. If your project also includes back up batteries, generators, new roof, tree trimming, or carport, then the tax credit will apply to those services as well.

Besides all the savings, rebates and tax credits, solar energy can give you a sense of security. Having a solar power system means you’ll never have to worry about the power going out when you need it the most. Since you’ll be creating your own energy through solar panels you no longer have to be dependent on your local utility company.

Schertz's #1 Solar Energy Contractor

Discover why more Schertz homeowners are choosing Solar Edge Pros as their solar installer of choice. We love to shine a light on our high quality work. Learn more about us by visiting our Company page. We participate in monthly donations and/or volunteer acts to help our San Antonio community. We also offer discounts on solar installations for those that help support and defend it. Click the link to learn more.

Increase Property Value In Schertz

Do you know you can add to your property value by going solar? Homes with solar installations are becoming increasingly valuable as homes that come with their own energy are much more interesting to appraisers and investors.  

Here at Solar Edge Pros, we help you every step of the way. We’re a family owned business that helps you figure out what solar panels are best for your home or business. We do the solar panels installation ourselves and offer a 25 year warranty. What makes our company one of the best solar energy companies is that we stick around long after the solar power installation.

When you hire us for your solar needs, you’re supporting a local business based in San Antonio, Texas, that uses its own locally based crew for every job. 

Let us make solar energy easy for you. Call or schedule an appointment today.

Solar Schertz FAQ

Schertz sees on average 225 days of sunlight a year, which is over 20 days more than the U.S average. The primary utility company, CPS Energy, offers utility rebates for solar installations done by a registered solar contractor. This makes Schertz a great place to get solar done affordably.

Theoretically, yes. One could get battery backups and solar panels to be entirely independent of the Texas electric grid.

However, your property will most likely still require an electric meter that connects to the electric grid, depending on jurisdiction. 

The tax credit can be carried over in the case that you do not have sufficient tax liability to claim in one year. Credits can carry over as long as the tax credit is in effect.

The federal investment tax credit (ITC) will save you 26% on the total cost of your solar project if installed in 2022. It decreases to 22% in 2023, then drops to 0% in 2024 for residential properties. However, the ITC will remain at 10% for commercial properties.

A Solar Edge Pros customer can expect to pay an average of $26,000 for an eight-kilowatt residential solar panel system. This is after the federal solar tax credit and CPS utility rebates.

The price includes the cost of solar panels, mounting equipment, inverters, conduit, labor, and project management costs such as permits, inspections, and HOA Approvals. Read more about the cost breakdown in our article on how much does solar cost? 

On average, solar panels increase the value of your home by 4%. They do not increase property taxes. Texas offers a state-wide property tax exemption for solar panel system owners. This means you will not have to pay additional taxes for the increased value of your home.

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