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Pleasanton was named after early Texas Settler John Pleasants but was founded by postmaster John Bowen. This city is famous for their “Live Oaks and Friendly Folks” was incorporated in 1917. Pleasanton is also known as the “Birthplace of the Cowboy” since the city had a growing population of cowboys around the 19th century.

Are you one of these friendly folks in Pleasanton who’s looking to create your own energy through solar panels? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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We are an A-To-Z company that does residential and commercial solar installation. As one of the best reviewed solar energy companies we take pride in being there not just for the initial solar plans but long after the solar panels installation.

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Home Solar Installations in Pleasanton

Solar Edge Pros is a one stop shop for your solar installation needs. Let us offer our expertise with energy audits, repairs, service, and financing assistance to make solar energy easy for you.

One of the best ways right now to save money on your increasing utility bill is by using solar power. Why are you renting electricity from utility companies when you can make your own? We offer financing meaning you can actually own your power and the equipment paying less than what it costs to rent it from your utility company.

 Do you worry about losing power during severe weather? Creating solar energy can take away those worries.

Solar Edge Pros can even help you get paid to go solar! The federal government offers a 26% tax credit on your solar power system. Meaning you’ll get 26% of the cost back on your federal income tax. Utility companies offer rebates to residential and commercial property owners that have decided to go solar. This usually amounts to a couple thousands off an entire solar panel system.

With a solar panel installation, you can set your monthly electricity costs, so they’re more predictable. 


We created a guide titled, “Solar Done Right: A Buyer’s Guide” to help you understand the pros and cons of solar panels on your property and how to get the greatest bang for your buck! Enter your email and get the free guide.

Solar Done Right Homeowner's Guide
Solar Done Right: A Buyer's Guide

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