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This city’s history began when a railway station was built in the area. Kirby Station was a on the Southern Pacific Railroad in the 1900s. The station was named after the Kirby Yard which was where the Kirby Lumber Company of East Texas stored its lumber. If you live here and pay an increasing bill to CPS, Solar Edge Pros can help you. 

Going solar can reduce or even eliminate your increasing electric bills. With a solar panel system, you can make your own electricity and stop renting from utility companies.

Solar Installations In Kirby Area

Once you are making your own electricity you won’t have worry about not having power when the grid is down. Using solar panels to power your home or business will take away from the dependency you have on your local utility company.

Saving on your energy bill isn’t the only way going solar pays for itself.  Installing a solar power system can get you a 26% tax break up until the end of 2022.

Utility companies offer rebates to residential and commercial property owners that have decided to go solar. This usually amounts to a couple thousands off an entire solar panel system.

You can increase your property value by going solar! Homes much more interesting when they come with their own energy.

Let us offer our expertise with energy audits, repairs, service, and financing assistance to make solar energy easy for you.


As one of the best reviewed solar energy companies we take pride in being there not just for the initial solar plans but long after the solar panels installation. We’re a family owned business that helps you figure out what solar panels are best for your home or business.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Solar Edge Pros is prepared to answer any questions you may have and educate you further about the cost of powering a home with solar panels.

Why Go With The Pros?

San Antonio Founded

We love our home in San Antonio. Come by anytime and see our showroom floor. You will get to learn how solar panels are installed. We are located at:

11010 Coachlight Dr., Suite 102,   San Antonio, TX, 78216

Zero Sub-Contractors

Alll our work is done in-house. This means everything from the marketing to the installation is done by a Solar Edge Pros employee. Other companies often sell the contract to an installation crew like us. So you could pay them more, but we will likely be the ones installing it.

4.9 Stars on Google

Our 4.9-star rating on Google was no accident. We work hard to keep our clients satisfied with their panels and ensure they are happy long after the installation.

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