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Located on the banks of the Guadalupe River, Kerrville delivers a vibrant community that is the capital of the Texas Hill Country. Its friendly people and majestic scenery make Kerrville a natural place to live, work and play. Only an hour away from San Antonio, there’s so much to see and do in Kerrville! From events, live music, hiking or camping – the activities are endless.

Now's the Time

What other added benefits to a Kerrville resident are there? Being so close to San Antonio, as well as being a part of Texas – Kerrville grants many benefits for being a solar homeowner too. With a 30 Percent Tax Incentive by the Government, Net-Metering Services, Commercial-Solar Rebates and more, going solar with a trusted company puts more energy independence and property investment at the palm of your hand.

Solar, Simplified...

Have we peaked your interests? Not only does our company stand by our expert installations and guarantee Solar Done Right – we also attach a 30-Year Workmanship Warranty with every solar installation. Get your friends and family in on making the switch to a cleaner carbon footprint. Ask about our Referral Program and get paid.

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