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The “Cowboy Capitol of the World ” Bandera has beautiful cypress trees that run along the Medina River and lots of open areas perfect for going solar. 

If you live in Bandera and are looking to get off the grid or make your own power for your home or ranch, you’ve come to the right place. Solar Edge Pros are here to help!

With the new microinverters, solar panels can produce electricity even if the grid shuts off. Read more about them here. We make sure you continue to get solar power even when the sun goes down! 

Solar Done In Bandera

Homeowners choose Solar Edge Pros for their renewable energy needs because we are a local solar installer with great customer service. Bandera residents can invest in their property by capturing sunlight to power their homes. The demand for electricity is only growing, the strain on the electric grid is getting tighter. By going solar now, Bandera residents can save a lot in the long term.  

Location: Bandera, 78003

If you worry about power going out in your area, switching to solar can take your worries away.

With electric bills increasing around you, you can save money now by switching to solar energy. Not ready to go solar? Here are some other ways to reduce your electric bill.

Saving on your energy bill isn’t the only way going solar pays for itself. Installing a solar power system can get you a 26% tax break for 2022.

We offer zero-dollars-down financing meaning you can actually own your power and the equipment paying less than what it costs to rent it from your utility company. While other homeowners watch their utility bills continue to rise, you’ll be able to keep powering your home at the same price.

Here at Solar Edge Pros, we help you every step of the way. We’re a family-owned business that helps you figure out what solar panels are best for your home, ranch or business. We do the solar panels installation ourselves and offer a 25 year warranty. What makes our company one of the best solar energy companies is that we stick around long after the solar power installation.

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