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Raffle Prize

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Power Station - $529.00 value

Enter our raffle to win a portable battery device by meeting with one of our consultants. Winner will be announced at the end of October via live stream on our Facebook page. We will also notify the winner directly. In order to qualify, you must be: a homeowner attending the Home and Garden Show, meet with us at your property for a solar evaluation, and meet with us before November.  

Solar Panels

Aptos panels on a San Antonio home

Aptos 440

Aptos DNA-144 was ranked best solar panel in a recent polling by Solar Power World. They offer a sleek, black design and a 30-year performance warranty of 82% and a 25-year product warranty.

Manufactured in Vietnam

Example of Solarever Panels

SolarEver 410

Solarever USA panels are becoming a favorite from our clients. These panels gain a high reputation for their 25-Year Efficiency Warranty for 80% output, and with their multi busbar technology are considered to be more efficient than those with fewer. The modules are entirely manufactured in North America.

Manufactured in Mexico 

Example of REC solar panels installed on residential roof in San Antonio area

REC N-Peak 400

REC Solar panels boast the highest output at end of warranty term at 92.0% and offer a 25-year warranty when installed by a REC certified pro. They’ve been in business for over 25 years so REC has seen their first solar panels make it past the warranty term.

Solar Edge Pros is one of three REC certified solar professionals in San Antonio. This means our installations come with an extended equipment warranty.

Manufactured in Singapore

Solar Structures

solar carport in San Antonio


All our solar carports are custom built to the homeowner’s needs and covered by our 30-year workmanship warranty. You’ll be hard press to find someone who builds them at a more affordable price thanks in large part to the 30% solar tax credit that can apply to the installation.


Nothing’s nicer in Texas than have a backyard patio. You get the great outdoors without the sunburn. All our solar patios are customizable and built to last. Get the same high quality of work on our installations in that patio you’ve been wanting.  

Grount Mounts

Got land? Our solar ground mounts are a perfect way to get the maximum amount of energy from your solar panels. We build them with the precise tilt for most production. 

Battery Backups

Franklin home battery systems

Franklin Battery

This beast of a battery contains 13.6 kWh of lithium iron phosphate battery cells and its own inverter to change the DC power from the batteries to AC power for the home’s use. 

With this battery holding a slightly bigger storage, installation with whole-home backup power may require less than that of an Enphase Battery system depending on each homeowner preference, of course. 

Enphase Battery

The Enphase battery pairs nicely with the company’s microinverter. Learn more about inverters here. By using microinverter technology, it experiences fewer power cycles and prolongs the life of the battery. 

Their output is lower-than-average, meaning you will likely need more than one if you want to run large energy consuming appliances like a whole home air conditioner. Ultimately, it depends on your home size and electrical needs. 

Backup Generators

Learn more about backup generators

Generac Generator

Generators have come a long. Generac home generators come with an automatic transfer switch so you don’t need to worry about a gap in power or having to step outside in abnormal conditions. Generac’s standby generators are the #1 selling brand of home generators, and we are proud to install them. Check out our Videos page to see one in action!

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