PV Standard Test Conditions

standard test conditions for our solar panels

Standard Test Conditions, or STC; what does that mean in terms of a solar panel? To define STC, we must look at current competitors in the solar industry to better understand what you (the buyer) needs. These STCs are the set of criteria that a solar panel is tested at. Since voltage and current change […]

Solar PPAs: Are They Worth It?

Solar panels installed on roof in San Antonio

Solar power’s an investment, a seed planted into your home that over time, generates rapid ROI and creates many benefits for you and your family. Investing into your home holds a great deal of importance, but what does that investment look like if you didn’t really “own” your solar panels? A Solar Power Purchase Agreement […]

Evaluating Solar Panel Performance: Understanding Temperature Coefficient

Example of solar panels installed on metal roof in Texas

Most people likely think that the hot and sunny San Antonio climate is optimal for generating solar power. While San Antonio is a great place for solar, the number of sunny days is the major reason. In fact, hot temperatures can actually lead to small reductions in solar panel energy production. In this article, we […]

Tier 1 Solar Panels: What Does It Mean?

Example of Tier 1 Solar Panels in San Antonio

If you’ve spent time researching which solar panels to buy for your home or business, you have almost surely come across the term “tier 1 solar panels.” This can often be a bit of a confusing term for buyers. In this article, we discuss the difference in the solar panel tiers, what they mean, and […]

Bifacial Solar Panels

REC logo example

Introducing Bifacial Solar Panels One of the most exciting aspects of working in the solar industry is the rapid rate at which technology develops, improving the utility of solar panels and reducing their cost. One of the most interesting newer technologies on the market is bifacial solar panels. Let’s take a look at this type […]

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