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Telsa Powerwall or Enphase Battery?

We often get asked why we do not install Tesla Powerwall backup batteries.

Great customer service and customer satisfaction are important to us. From what we’ve seen thus far, Tesla needs improvement in both categories. There’s also an issue on the more technical side regarding how it goes through power cycles. Lastly, Tesla sells them only at retail price, making an installation more expensive to the homeowner.

But first, it’s worth addressing that we love the attention solar has gotten over the years thanks to Elon Musk and Tesla’s continual promotion of solar energy. We would be more than happy to install Tesla Powerwall, but first there’s a couple of things that would need to change.

The Tesla Powerwall Waitlist

Homeowners are often interested in Tesla Powerwall until they discover the wait time. It can take years before getting a Tesla Powerwall installed in your home, and the alternative Enphase Battery can happen with months. Big difference.

The wait period is long because Tesla Powerwall is not Elon Musk’s main priority, that would be electric vehicles. The current shortage of battery sell supply means it’ll be harder to meet the demand for both the Powerwall and electric vehicles. The CEO even confessed the Powerwall production will be less than half of its current demand in 2021.

Customer Support

Once you get your Powerwall installed, you might be disappointed. I mean, let’s face it. Even high quality Tesla products still have their faults. So what do you do? Try to get a hold of customer support.

A common issue in electrical independence is having a company that will continue to provide support after the purchase, and from what we’ve read, Tesla’s no different.

Backup Battery Power Cycles

A more technical issue with the Tesla Powerwall is how it stores energy. Once the battery is at 100% from solar production, it turns off all of the solar panels, turns on the battery so your home is running on backup power for 5-10mins, then turns the panels back on and refills the battery. The issue here is it creates a lot of power cycles. Their warranty is only good for up to 5,000 power cycles, which doesn’t like a whole lot when the solar battery operates in this way.

Enphase’s IQ Battery uses microinverter technology and turns off fewer solar panels at a time. The battery potentially goes through fewer power cycles because it can charge the battery at a slower rate if needed.

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