An Estimated Cost For Solar

In today’s fast-pace society, people want information instantly. That’s why we created a cost of solar estimate generator. The amount you pay for solar would substitute your electric bill. This means the solar panel price would replace your electric bill and once you’ve purchased the panels, the electricity they generate is yours at no additional cost.

Without solar panels, you will be paying for electricity for the rest of your life.

Why Do You Need My Average Electric Bill?

This gives us a general idea how much electricity you consume per a month. We use this information to determine how many solar panels you’ll need to eliminate your cost of electricity. If we had your actual electric bill, we could provide a better estimate by taking into account seasons.

Why Do You Ask For Roof Orientation?

Texas is located in the northern hemisphere. This means roofs that predominantly face south get more sunlight than any other side. Solar panels facing south will be more efficient than any other direction. The more efficient your solar panels, the less you’ll need. Read more about this here:


Why Do You Ask About My Utility Company?

Utility companies are all different. Some charge more for electricity than others. Some offer net-metering and rebates, while others do not. Knowing your utility company will help us provide you a better estimate.  For more information on net-metering, check out our article here:


Solar Cost Estimator

    Your solar cost estimate will be emailed to you.

    Note: Please book an appointment with a Solar Edge Pros consultant for an exact price.

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